Water Quality Report

June 1, 2023


Your 2023 Annual Water Quality Report is now available!


In 2022, Greenwood CPW detected eight regulated substances in the drinking water.  However, these substances were at allowable levels and no health-based violations were reported.  Please go to https://greenwoodcpw.com/utilities/water/report/ to view your 2023 annual water quality report and learn more about your drinking water.  This report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water.  To request a translation of the water quality report, to speak with someone about the report or to receive a paper copy of the 2023 water quality report by mail, please call Customer Service at 864-942-8100.


For more information about how Greenwood CPW maintains the safety of your drinking water and to view previous year’s reports go to https://greenwoodcpw.com/utilities/water.