Beware of potentially fraudulent activity targeted at Greenwood CPW customers.  Greenwood CPW reminds you to protect yourself by contacting us and local law enforcement if you suspect or experience fraudulent activity.

Based on current events, Greenwood CPW has formed a list of fraud prevention tips to protect customers:

  • Greenwood CPW WILL NOT call you to ask for payment information.  Do NOT give out bank account or credit card numbers.
  • DO NOT accept offers from anyone, including those CLAIMING to be Greenwood CPW employees, to pay your bills or provide any other service for a fee.
  • Greenwood CPW WILL NOT call you to ask for personal information.  NEVER share your personal information, including birthday, full Social Security number or banking account information over the phone.
  • If you or someone you know has a question about whether someone is a legitimate representative of Greenwood CPW, call the company at 1-864-942-8100 or toll free 1-877-662-3360.

Examples of Potential Scams

Service cut-off calls

CPW has received reports of unidentified persons calling customers and claiming to be with Greenwood CPW. The callers warn customers that they are behind in payments and demand immediate payment to avoid service cut-off that day. These callers are NOT affiliated with Greenwood CPW, and customers who receive these calls are urged to call the police and report them. CPW only notifies customers of missed payments through automated phone calls, mailed letters, and door hang tags.

The callers instruct customers to send payments through “Green DOT Cards” or pre-paid VISA cards.  Green DOT Cards are reloadable Debit cards and once criminals have private card information; they can access funds on the card. Utility staff will NEVER call demanding payment in this way.

Greenwood CPW has reported the activity to local law enforcement.  Customers are always urged to use caution.  If any customer receives a suspicious phone call or questions a caller’s claims, they should hang up and contact CPW directly at 1-864-942-8100 or toll free 1-877-662-3360.

Misleading phone calls

Some customers reported receiving phone calls from individuals identifying themselves as Greenwood CPW employees.  The caller attempts to obtain customer account or personal information.

Occasionally, Greenwood CPW MAY call you to discuss your account.  If we do, we will provide you with information that only you and Greenwood CPW would know in order to validate that our call is legitimate.  If, after receiving the information, you are uncomfortable providing personal information by phone, or if you believe the call is a scam, hang up and call the company directly at the numbers listed above.

Third-Party payment

Scam artists claiming to be Greenwood CPW employees are telling customers they have the ability to wipe out entire account balances or reduce the amount owed for a cash fee.  Please know that NO ONE from Greenwood CPW will ever offer to pay a customer’s bill for a fee.

Other Scams This is just a partial list.  These scams can take many forms other than those listed above.  Always be alert for anyone trying to get your personal information over the phone!  If in doubt, call CPW directly to verify.

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