How do I start a new residential service?

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Customers may complete the online application or bring a completed and signed service agreement to our office.  You will need: 
• A lease agreement or sales contract for the location to which you are moving that verifies your name and address.
• 2 forms of identification: VALID PICTURE ID (state issued driver’s license, state ID, gov ID, or passport) and SOCIAL SECURITY # ( social security card, w-2 form, or other legal document showing SSN)
• The completed online application or a completed and signed service agreement if you come to our office.
• Daytime phone number. If services (water, electric, and gas) are turned off, we will need to make arrangements with you to meet our service technician to have your services turned on.
• If unable to bring above documents to our office, you may email us at or fax us at 864-942-8114.

An initial service charge will apply:
• $60.00 for one service
• $75.00 for two services
• $95.00 for three services

How can I pay my bill?


For 24/7 account access call (866) 277-1403. You will be able to review your account balance and pay your bill through our automated system.

AMP (Average Monthly Payment) Plan:

Each month you pay an average of the previous 12 month bills. Contact customer service at 942-8100 for further details.

Bank Draft

Your payment will be automatically deducted from your checking account each month. It saves time, saves stamps, and is a free service. Contact cashier at 942-8100 for further details. Online Bank Draft Form

Your Bank's Bill Pay

Your bank may have an online bill pay service that you can use to make one-time payments or recurring automatic payments.

To sign up, you'll need:

  • Account number from your utility bill
  • CPW’s utility billing address and phone number

If you move to another property in Greenwood, be sure to update your utility account number in your bank's bill pay system.

Credit/Debit Card:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted over the counter, at the drive thru, online, and through our automated system by calling (866) 277-1403.

Pay Online:

Pay online with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or a eCheck. Online payments are available 24/7 except during the nightly backup. Fees are charged for paying with a credit card online or over the phone.


Mail your payment along with the bill stub in the envelope provided with the bill. Please apply proper postage and mail within sufficient time to reach us by the due date.

Drive-Thru Window

UNTIL  SEPT 29th Drive-Thru tellers are available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm  STARTING OCT 2nd Hours are Mon-Fri 8AM to 5:30PM and Friday 8AM to Noon at our Main Office at 121 West Court Avenue in Downtown Greenwood. As a courtesy to others in line, please have your check made out prior to arriving.


Cashier Personnel will accept your payment as well as answer your questions about your account and process service change requests in our lobby at the Main office located at 121 West Court Avenue.


We have a kiosk which can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is located at the first drive-thru window at our Main Office.


We also have a drop box for cash and check payments that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is located at the first Drive-Thru window at our main office.

How do I change my payment method for Text to Pay?

To change your card information you should be able to call the automated system at 1-866-277-1403 and hit option 1 for English, then option #3 to manage card info. It should prompt you to enter your CPW Account # and go from there.

You can also register your account online to manage your payment method, and to see more information about your account.

How do I report an outage or a problem?

Call (864) 942-8100 or Toll Free (877) 662-3360 immediately if you:

Smell gas or suspect a leak.
See a power line problem, water leaking, or other gas issue.

For other non-emergency issues you may contact us by filling out the Report an Issue Form.

How do I have service disconnected and my account closed?

You may stop your service online, stop by our office, or call us at 864.942.8100 and ask for Customer Service

What is a basic facilities charge?

A basic facilities charge covers the cost of your service, regardless of usage. It covers items like metering, billing, customer service, and other vital components of our operation that must continue, no matter how much of our services you use.

Is a deposit required?

For a RESIDENTIAL account, a deposit and service fee may be required based on the level of metered services provided and a third party credit assessment.

For COMMERCIAL or INDUSTRIAL accounts, a deposit may be required. This can be cash, check, irrevocable letter of credit, or surety bond.

Why does my gas bill seem to vary so much from one month to another?

In most homes, more natural gas is used during winter than in summer, fall and spring, due to winter heating. In general, heating is the primary driver for natural gas usage. However, natural gas bills can fluctuate based on other factors as well, including customer choices (such as thermostat settings), and changes in customer usage patterns (for cooking, water heating, or clothes dryer operation), or a combination of these.

Why doesn't the meter reader come on the same day every month?

We use a cycle billing system under which a number of meters are read (and some accounts billed) each working day. This means your meter will be read (and, a few days later, your account billed) about the same time each month, with the date determined by your location.

Why is my bill late sometimes?

Your bill may be mailed later than normal for several reasons. If your bill looks out of line with past usage, we may hold it for further review and investigation before it is mailed. The bill may also be delayed if we were unable to gain access to the meter to get the readings. Also, during inclement weather, access to meters could cause a delay in billing.

If I am temporarily unable to pay my CPW bill, what should I do?

If you expect to have difficulty in making timely full payment, contact CPW to discuss your options for payment arrangements.

When is my payment due?

The payment due date is indicated on the bill. Any payments after that date would be late, and possibly subject to penalties.

When will my account be disconnected for nonpayment?

Currently, a CPW account is eligible to be disconnected due to nonpayment on the 10th day after the due date.

What is the bank draft payment plan and why should I enroll?

This is where your payment is deducted from your checking account monthly. It saves time and stamps and the service is free. Online Bank Draft Form

Why can't I choose my due date?

The meters are read in different cycles. These cycles are read the same time each month and determine when you are billed and date due.

How can I conserve energy, gas, and water to reduce my utility bill?


• Set your thermostat to 68°F in the winter and 78°F in the summer.
• Check air filters regularly as dirty filters reduce efficiency.
• Check air vents and registers to make sure they are not blocked.
• If necessary replace the caulking and weather stripping on windows and doors.
• Use ceiling fans during the summer with a counterclockwise setting to stay cool.
• In the winter, shut off the fan, and reverse it to run clockwise to force warm air down.
• Open blinds during the winter to allow more sun light to enter your home.
• Close blinds or curtains during the summer to limit extra heat entering your home.
• Set your water heater to a temperature between 120°F and 130°F.

• Have your heating system, ducting and venting inspected annually.
• Consider switching your tank water heater to a tankless.
• Turn down the thermostat. You can save up to 3% for each degree!
• Cook smart. Adjust the flame to fit your pans. Opening the oven door unnecessarily can cause a drop of up to 50 degrees in oven temperature.

• Repair leaky faucets/fixtures, indoors and out.
• Take short showers instead of baths.
• Install faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads.
• Run full loads of laundry and dishwasher to avoid wasted water on partial loads.
• Use Water Conservation Tips for Residents on EPA website at