Our History

The Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works (CPW) was founded October 27, 1896 when the City Council moved and carried to grant a franchise for 25 years to the Greenwood Electric Light and Power Company to furnish light for the city and mercantile uses.  This franchise was subject to the approval of the citizens of Greenwood, South Carolina.    Since its birth, water and electric needs have been met continuously.   The water company started in 1897.  The first water source was located at Yoe’s Springs and furnished 15,000 gallons a day. The electric system began in 1898.  There were 40 arc lights and 450 incandescent lights for the community powered by a 125 horsepower engine.  The total cost of the electric and water system in 1899 was $40,000.00.  With the addition of the gas system, purchased  from Greenwood Ice and Fuel Company in 1940, CPW has provided its customers with a full complement of utilities for 125 years.


Yoe’s Spring, the original water source
for the City of Greenwood.

The original 25-year charter was extended and the name changed to the Commissioners of Public Works of the City of Greenwood.  During its 125 year history, CPW has had 35 Commissioners serve and 9 Superintendent/General Managers.

CPW currently serves 22,511 water customers.  CPW’s Wise Water Treatment Plant has a total capacity of 33 million gallons per day treating water from Lake Greenwood.  The water system serves industry, business, residential homes and towns with its 600 plus miles of water distribution lines.  CPW currently serves 11,752 electric customers.  CPW has approximately 200 miles of electric line, six substations and purchases power from Carolina Power Partners and SEPA.   CPW currently serves 18,449 gas customers in five counties through 770 miles of gas distribution lines and 50 miles of gas transmission lines.  CPW purchases gas from Williams Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company and Carolina Gas Transmission to meet our customer’s needs.   CPW’s customers receive quality service at rates that consistently rank among the lowest in the state and nation.

The Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works is proud of its accomplishments during the past 125 years and stands ready to meet the water, electric and gas needs of its customers in the future.


The former Grace Street Water Plant


Lake Greenwood Water Plant 1960

Time Capsule

Greenwood CPW celebrated 100 years of service to the citizens of Greenwood in October 1996.  At that time, a time capsule was buried at the Central Operations Center to be opened October 27, 2046.


Greenwood CPW has had 36 Commissioners serve on its Board over the past 124 years.

Robert M. Hays1897-1898
Joel S. Bailey, Sr.1898-1900
William L. Durst1900-1902
Capt. J .E. Jenkins1902-1903
Archie S. Iler1903-1905
Dr. James B. Hughey1905-1914
Dr. John Lyon1914-1920
Dr. William P. Turner1920-1955
Wilson C. Henderson1955-1986
Gene P. Hancock1986-2013
Arthur C. Bush2013-Present
James F. Davis1897-1903
Anthony F. McKissick1903-1920
S.O. Harvey1920-1928
Albert S. Wilkinson1928-1933
James C. Burns1933-1951
Thomas R. Pinson1951-1964
Sam Zimmerman1964-1969
Leon R. Watterson1969-1978
J.R. Abney, Jr.1978-1982
Hal S. Ellenberg1982-1988
S. Elizabeth Pinson1988-1994
Rev. Ed F. Johnson1994-1994
William P. Thompson1994-2000
Michael G. Monaghan2000-Present
Arthur S. Lee1897-1899
Joseph T. Simmons1899-1911
J.S. Bailey, Jr.1911-1935
Martin M. Wells1935-1962
Brooks Stuart1962-1965
John F. Ellenberg1965-1966
Hal S. Ellenberg1966-1978
Howard B. Parker1978-1990
R. Travis Higginbotham1990-2002
Tammy G. Stoner2002-2004
Henry O. Watts2005-Present